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Motive 1.8.0 — Motive compatible with the Unity based NeuRRoNav System (Coming soon!)

NeuRRo Nav — Our easy to use, low-cost, open-source neural navigation software which uses an OptiTrack Trio 3D camera and was developed in Unity. Published Restorative Neurology and Neuroscience. This is a link to the github for the software, which is updated regularly. We also provide 3D files for glasses for the head cluster, a stylus, and a calibration tool, which can be 3D printed. Please contact with any questions. This research can be cited at: Rodseth, Jakob, Edward P. Washabaugh, and Chandramouli Krishnan. "A novel low-cost approach for navigated transcranial magnetic stimulation." Restorative neurology and neuroscience Preprint (2017): 1-9.